What's your personal map?



Where is your head? Where is your heart?

Where do you stand? What lands do you see?


We each carry a personal map of places that shape our lives. The exhibition, MAP:me, shares the stories behind this 'personal geography'.


MAP:me, a collaboration with Wagga Wagga residents, features a series of Personal Maps: illuminated cane and paper sculptures in human form. The paper skin of each sculpture is a beautiful map of the places, near and far, that shape us. Each map is unique; each journey a snapshot of a life.

Personal maps can cross oceans and continents. Our global age takes us beyond where we live and work, and though Wagga Wagga is our home, we are connected to the world.

About Rachael Vincent


I am a Social History Curator from the UK who has worked in museums for over 10 years. In 2008, I left Britain to further develop my career, and began a PhD in Museum Studies and Human Geography at Sydney's Macquarie University. I moved to Wagga Wagga in June last year. My work at the Museum of the Riverina considers innovative ways to make history through the exploration of 'personal geography'. I chose the Museum because of its long tradition of successful engagement with local people, and its enthusiasm to push the boundaries in terms of collecting and exhibition practice.

About the Participants


The Personal Map Sculptures feature designs from staff at Riverina Community College. The College has a major role in Wagga Wagga's history and future, providing key skills for regional growth. I would like to thank the project's participants for their involvement in MAP:me and for exploring their 'personal geographies' with such enthusiasm.

About the Artist: Annie Edney


For over two decades, Annie Edney has been organising large-scale events as a Community Cultural Development artist and director. Annie has produced a comprehensive body of work incorporating a deep commitment to the environment and to community celebration.


 If you are interested in knowing more about Annie's work, please click here...