Wagga House, Wagga Home

Wagga House Wagga home

How does big city style impact on small town design?

Wagga House: Wagga Home is a locally-curated exhibition that shows some of the unique ways that architects and builders in Wagga have modified classic styles to suit our unique conditions. At various points, Wagga's harsh climate extremes and the difficulty of accessing certain building materials had an impact, as did local conceptions of what made an ideal family home.

The exhibition will feature photographs of local houses that exemplify different architectural styles, and will explore how those styles were interpreted in a regional setting. This exhibition will explore the history of architecture and design in the regional setting of Wagga Wagga, and will also explore the influence of council regulation, the availability of materials and moral attitudes towards the ideal family home.

Homes hold the laughter and heartbreak of the generations that pass through them. The exhibition also features historic pictures of people in their homes at various points in Wagga's history.

Wagga House: Wagga Home accompanies the Iconic Australian Houses exhibition. Both are on exhibition at the Museum of the Riverina's Historic Council Chambers site from 1 September - 6 November 2016.