Made in Wagga

Made in Wagga

Wagga is also a name synonymous with quality products.  There are Wagga Rugs, the Wagga saddle, Wagga Pot bells, Wagga Lily flour and even a Wagga Pudding!  Wagga has been celebrated by poets like Dame Mary Gilmore and Jack Moses, and in numerous songs from Wagga You’re Calling Me Back, penned in 1927, to the contemporary Don’t Call Wagga Wagga Wagga of Greg Champion and Jim Haynes.

Wagga’s fabric has not been determined through its local businesses and factories alone.  So take a step back, and discover the Memories, Reputations, History and Fortunes which have been made in Wagga, and have helped shape the unique Wagga of today.

Made in Wagga was exhibited in the Museum's Historic Council Chambers site in 2005. The exhibition explores six key themes relating to things Made in Wagga.

Theme #1       Man Made in Wagga

Willis Bricks, Wagga Iron Foundry, Fitz Iron Foundry, Wagga Soap Works

Theme #2       Hand Made in Wagga

Gumi Festival, “Prattie” doll, 1920s dresses, Willie Ellis Ouija board

Theme #3       Reputations Made in Wagga

Senator Charles Hardy and the Riverina Movement, Chiko Roll, Hiscock’s Saddlery, Wagga Lily Flour, Menneke bell

Theme #4       Memories Made in Wagga

Miss Wagga Quest, RVN2 TV, Bartle Nixon condiments, Huthwaites, Wagga music, Wagga cordials (Avor, Sheekey’s, Bells, etc.)

Theme #5       History Made in Wagga

Tichborne Trial figurines, the Human Glove murder mystery, Wagga rugs, Henningham camera

Theme #6       Fortunes Made in Wagga

The Daily Advertiser, Marea Bright (milliner), Dunlop Weatherproof Factory, Kendell Airlines

Made in Wagga Films

Seven films were made as part of the Made in Wagga Exhibition. You can view them below.

Dunlop Factory

Gumi Race

Hiscock's Saddlery

Wagga Iron Foundry

Miss Wagga

Willis Bricks