Instrumental In Defence: The Australian Army Band Kapooka

Step into the world of the Australian Army Band Kapooka, one of only seven Australian Army bands, based here in Wagga Wagga! Discover how these full time musicians mix music with army life and more!

The Army Recruit Training Centre, Blamey Barracks, Kapooka has been served by a full time military band since 1952. Originally starting out as a brass band with 12 members, the band has grown in both reputation and size and currently boasts 25 members. Its primary role is to provide ceremonial support to the graduating recruits at First Recruit Training Battalion at march out parades. However, as we all know within the Riverina community the band is also well known and loved for their performances such as Music at Midday, Christmas concerts and countless charity events.

Through this exhibition you will hear the Australian Army Band Kapooka story, highlighting how their presence in the region adds significantly to the entertainment and cultural life of Wagga Wagga and surrounding districts.

Budding wanna be army musicians can come along and ‘get with the band’ in our STOMP AWAY children’s area. This exhibition was on display at the Museum's Historic Council Chamber’s site from Friday 1 March until Sunday 5 May, 2013.

For More information on the Australian Army Band Corps Association, please click here.  

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