How safe were the sixties?

This photographic exhibition from the Charles Sturt University Regional Archives, curated by Dr. Nancy Blacklow poses the question: "Standards and codes in the twenty-first century surround our daily life, but how 'safe' was life fifty years ago? "

The issues of workplace safety, road safety, and the safety of children are explored through our present-day reaction to the scenes depicted. A simple example of this reaction is in the image below of a small child left alone in her pram on the edge of the footpath in Baylis Street. She has been placed next to an empty ladder that has been set up on the footpath with power cords hanging nearby from the verandah and lying on the ground. Such a scene would send shivers up the spine of any parent (or OH&S officer) today.

But would our reaction have been quite the same if we had seen this same photograph fifty years ago?

The majority of images included in the exhibition have been chosen from the vast collection of photographs by Tom Lennon, most of which were taken in his capacity as photographer for The Daily Advertiser.

On display now until Monday 16 January 2011.

How safe were the sixties?