Fully Sick

Anything is collectable! This exhibition showcases a collection that commenced over 20 years ago on a Paraguayan Airlines flight and has grown into a collection of over 200 airline sickness bags from around the world. This collection provides a quirky and unique view of collecting aeronautical memorabilia and aviation history. 

Part of the museum's Collector series the FULLY SICK! exhibition opens to the public at the Museum's Historic Council Chambers site, 8 April and will be on display until 15 May. This exhibition showcases a collection of over 200 airline sick bags. Other collections exhibited in the Museum's Collector/Collection series have been: Dressed for the Occasion - focusing on the museum's textile collection and The Curious Collection of Sylvia Seccombe - a collection of over 100 door knockers.


The collector Danny Cahalan began working in the travel industry in 1989 and in 1993 and 1994 worked as a logistics contractor to the United Nations based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was in 1990 on a Paraguayan Airlines flight in South America that he collected his first sick bag as a souvenir. Twenty years on and over 200 sick bags later he shares his collection with the rest of the world.

Danny Cahalan stated  "Most people love travelling. They are excited by the sights, the tastes and smells of new countries. They take thousands of photos and enjoy the physical experience of being in that new place. However my interest has always been a more abstract interest in new places. I have always studied maps and enjoy learning about the relationships between different countries and cities. How they fit together historically and geographically like a jigsaw puzzle. How the people and languages are related."


Image: Collector Danny Cahalan


Danny Cahalan