McKay Combine Seed Drill

Interviewees: Bill Browne
Location: Weethalle
Themes: Crops

The seed-drill enabled seed to be deposited evenly in the right amount and covered at a uniform depth. Bill Browne explains how his 'Sun' horse-drawn combine seed and fertiliser drill operated. Made in Victoria by the famous manufacturer, H.V. McKay Pty Ltd of Sunshine, the drill features an external force feed mechanism where the seed was taken from an opening at the bottom of the seed-box and pushed towards the outlets of the coulter tubes by wheels. Bill's seeder was pulled by 6 horses while harrows were dragged behind it to cover the seed.

Stage 5 Education Resource: McKay Combine Seed Drill - Weethalle (PDF, 194.6 KB)

Museum: Weethalle Whistlestop Museum