Heplov Sheepskin Roller

Interviewees: Diana Lovett, Russell Parr & John Hepburn
Location: Wagga Wagga
Themes: Innovation & Imports

This machine harvested the burr which contained the seed for subterranean clover. In Australia in the 1920s, it was found that the addition of clover to soil, plus the fertiliser superphosphate, led to marked increases in pasture production and helped to deal with weed infestation. Sheepskin-covered rollers or drums picked up the subterranean clover burrs from scarified ground. A geared and revolving brush then swept the burrs into a hopper. This one was made by Hepburn & Lovett of Wagga Wagga, in 1952.

Stage 5 Education Resource: Heplov Sheepskin Roller - MOR (PDF, 416.8 KB)

Museum: Museum of the Riverina