Cootamundra Aboriginal Girls Training Home


Interviewees: Uncle Bob Glanville, Bruce Ward, Heather Wallace, Betti Punnett & Aunty Fay Moseley (nee Clayton)
Location: Cootamundra
Theme: People

The Cootamundra Girls Home has been the subject of many documentaries over recent years. This film takes a brief look at the home from a different angle, examining the placement of the girls on farms throughout the area as well as documenting memories from a variety of viewpoints. A former 'girl', community members and peers and the families of those who hosted on-farm placements. This film speaks to the young womens role on farms as well as referencing issues of loss of connection to country and family and coping mechanisms.

Stage 5 Education Resource:
Cootamundra Aboriginal Girls Training Home (263KB)

Museum: Cootamundra Heritage Centre