Gown Preservation Workshop

Rhona Morton in graduation gown. This image is part of the Musuem of the Riverina's collection

Image: Wagga Wagga Teachers' College student Rhona Morton in her graduation gown. This gown and matching bolero jacket are part of the Museum of the Riverina's collection. The dress was handmade for Rhona by a dressmaker in Galong, NSW. Photographer unknown.

Many families have a cherished heirloom stored out of sight. The gown mum wore to her debutante ball or perhaps Aunt June’s wedding dress.

Wedding dresses and other significant clothing items are frequently kept as a treasured memory of a special occasion by those who wore the garment themselves and subsequently passed onto their descendants.

This workshop aims to give participants an introduction to the basics of caring for a garment, ensuring these special items are preserved for future generations.

Bring along a wedding dress (or one garment of a similar size), and learn from Museum of the Riverina staff how to correctly wrap, store and preserve the item.

Participants will also learn some ‘insider tricks’ of the business used by museum staff to minimise wear to fragile garments and eradicate pests which may threaten their conservation.

Each participant will be supplied with a selection of archival materials and shown how to prepare and pack their item so that it can be retained for a lifetime.

Workshop details

WHEN: 10.30am to 12pm, Thursday 28 June, 2018
WHERE: Museum of the Riverina Historic Council Chambers site, corner Baylis and Morrow Streets
COST: $15 + Eventbrite booking fee

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