Questacon's Fascinating Science!

Fascinating Science is a collection of 32 bright and colourful hands‑on exhibits and aims to make science fun and relevant for everyone by engaging people in making their own stimulating discoveries.

Fascinating Science focuses on human senses such as psychology, perception, physiology and balance, explored in a fun, interactive way, helping visitors to enjoy learning about science.

Visitors can also experiment with mirrors to unlock secret messages, move pegs on a board to create a variety of patterns, and create a three-dimensional cross using a key and lock puzzle.

Targeted primarily at children aged 8 to 14, but with topics of logic, balance, fluids, illusions and mathematical puzzles of varying complexity, Fascinating Science will engage all ages about the wonders of science.

Fascinating Science is on exhibition at the Museum's Historic Council Chambers site from 14 October 2017 to 28 January 2018

Groups and excursions

To arrange your visit for groups of up to 50 participants, contact the Museum's Education officer on 02 6926 9654.

Cost for excursion: Free
Availablility: Tues - Fri, 10am - 4pm
Age Range: 8 - 14 recommended (5 - 15 very doable)
Group size: up to 50 students
Supervision: At least 2 teachers if group is larger than 20

Bookings: Contact Tim Kurylowicz, Museum Education Officer on 6926 9654 or

Teachers and group leaders: Download the Fascinating Science Teacher's Notes and Venue Safety Information for the Museum of the Riverina - Historic Council Chambers site.