Narrandera (Narrandera Shire)
Narrandera Parkside Cottage

Website: www.narrandera.nsw.gov.au (Narrandera Shire Council)
Email: council@narrandera.nsw.gov.au
Major attraction to the museum: The celebrated scarlet coloured merino cloak worn by New South Wales Governor and wool pioneer John Macarthur is on display and is the only one of its kind in the world. It was made from the first bale of wool sent to England by the Macarthur family in 1816.
Further information about the museum or town: The museum cares for a collection of significant ink and cloth river charts utilised in the paddle boat transport industry of the late 19th century.
Entry Cost: Adults $2.00, Children 50c
Telephone Contacts: (02) 6959 1372
Opening Hours: 2pm - 4pm daily. Call Robert on (02) 6959 1372 to arrange alternative appointments
Location:  Crn Tywnam St & Newell Hwy, Narrandera NSW 2700

Narrandera Parkside Cottage inside


Temora (Temora Shire) 
Temora Rural Museum 
Website: www.temora.com.au 
Email:  ruralmuseum@temora.nsw.gov.au
Major attraction to the museum: The museum showcases the rich heritage of not only Temora Shire, but agriculture, gold mining and many other facets of country life in general.
Further information about the museum or town: Another great attraction to the town is the existance of Sir Donald Bradman's First Home. The Bradman family lived in this slab cottage on their farm north of Cootamundra until their move to Bowral when "The Don" was two years old.
Entry Cost: Free
Telephone Contacts: Adults $5.00  Children $2.00.
Opening Hours: 9am-5pm daily
Location: 29 Junee Road, Temora NSW 2666

Sir Donald Bradman's first home 


Tumbarumba (Tumbarumba Shire)
Pioneer Women's Hut Museum
Website: www.pioneerwomenshut.com
Email:  mail@visittumbashire.com.au
Major attraction to the museum: This nationally significant collection reflects the ingenuity of pioneer women in finding solutions to the challenges of looking after a family in early rural Australia.
Further information about the museum or town: The Pioneer Women's Hut developed the National Quilt Register. You can read more about the National Quilt Register at www.collectionsaustralia.net/nqr/
Entry Cost: Free
Telephone Contacts: (02) 6948 2635
Opening Hours: Wednesday 11am - 4pm, Weekends & Public Holidays 10am - 4pm
Location: Museum is located on Glenroy Heritage Reserve on the Wagga Road 8km from Tumbarumba 

Pioneer Womens Hut interior

Tumbarumba (Tumbarumba Shire)
Tumbarumba Historical Society Museum
www.visittumbashire.com.au (Tumbarumba Shire Council)
Email: thefrews@dragnet.com.au
Major attraction to the museum: The museum is currently featuring an exhibition on the history and disappearance of the Southern Cloud aircraft. Included in the exhibition is a replica model of the plane, as well as information relating to local WWI families. Another major attraction is the Mundaroo Coolamon - a significant local cultural aboriginal artefact.
Further information about the museum or town: The museum is housed in the Visitor Information Centre which began life as the first pub in Tumbarumba. 'The Young Struggler' was closed in 1863 as the publican repeatedly lost control over his patrons. It's now much more welcoming!
Entry Cost: Free
Telephone Contacts: Visitor Information Centre/Museum: (02) 6948 3333. Historical Society: (02) 6948 3262
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10am - 5pm. Weekends 10am - 3pm. Closed Christmas Day & Good Friday
Location: 10 Bridge St, Tumbarumba NSW 2653
*Wheel Chair Access provided
There are many other points of historical interest nearby all described in the publication Time Walks - history trails around Tumbarumba www.visittumbashire.com.au/Walks.aspx

 Tumbarumba Museum object



Tumut (Tumut Shire)
Tumut & District Historical Society
Website:  www.tumut.nsw.gov.au (Tumut Shire Council)
Email:  tumut@tpg.com.au
Major attraction to the museum: The Museum has a significant collection of Miles Franklin material and a large historical photo & agricultural machinery collection.
Further information about the museum or town: The Tumut region comes alive with the annual Festival of the Falling Leaf. With activities, events and exhibitions this unique festival experience occurs annually on the last weekend of April. Click here for more information www.fallingleaffestival.org
Entry Cost: Adults $2.00, Children $1.00
Telephone Contacts: Museum (02) 6947 9899. Marcia Commins (02) 6947 2871 Norma Plumb (02) 6947 1667
Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 1pm - 4pm
Location: 63 Capper St, Tumut NSW 2720
* Wheelchair access & Disabled toilets

Tumut Museum



Urana (Urana Shire)
Urana Court House Museum
Website: www.urana.nsw.gov.au
 (Urana Shire Council)
Email:  mail@urana.nsw.gov.au
Major attraction to the museum: Original Courthouse Building complete with furnishings and Coat of Arms circa 1880s. Display of court records and local history.
Further information about the museum or town: The museum displays Japanese Soldiers Armour dating back to EDO period (1600 - 1868).
Entry Cost: Donation
Telephone Contacts: Urana Shire Council (02) 6930 9100. Or call Volunteers on (02) 6920 8214 or (02) 6920 8162
Opening Hours: 10am - 12 noon Monday and by arrangement
Location:  13 William St, Urana NSW 2645

 Urana Court House Museum